Annual Ball

Cornerstone hosts a formal ball every year during conference weekend for conference attendees.
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Annual Conference

Ball time, venue, and admission is subject to change.

When: Spring/Summer 2019. More info TBA.

Where: Grand Avenue Christian Church
1305 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901

What: A formal ball with easy to learn dances; fun for all ages

Admission: $10/singles, $15/couples, $20/families

Attire: Ladies, use good judgment and dress with modesty and ease of movement in mind. Strapless, backless, and low-cut dresses are prohibited. Straps should be at least one inch wide. Men, you must also dress modestly with a tux, suit, or dress shirt with tie and slacks.

Etiquette: The gentleman should ask the lady to dance. A lady who is seated indicates that she does not to wish to dance. After a dance, the gentleman should lead his partner from the dance floor. It is the gentlemen’s duty to ensure that every lady has the opportunity to dance. Gentlemen may only dance with the same lady twice, unless married, engaged, courting, or related. In like manner, if a lady turns down a gentleman, the lady should please sit out that dance.